Turkey Best Sports Betting Platform – Rescuebet, Integrated With Top Asia Sportsbooks

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Rescuebet integrated with Asia’s top sportsbooks to give punters in Turkey access to some of the best odds, betting markets, promotions, and several other prominent betting features. Now, Turkish punters can access the top 6 Asian sportsbooks on Rescuebet and make profitable wagers consistently. Some of the leading sportsbooks featured on Rescuebet include SBOBet, Maxbet, IMSports, M8Bet, Pinnacle sports, CMD368, PragmaticPlay, Big Gaming, eBet, and more. Apart from these sportsbooks, Rescuebet also partners with other global brands to give punters ample betting choices. 

It’s been almost next to impossible for Turkish punters to place wagers for the better part of the last two decades. Turkish punters are restricted in terms of the types of bets that can be made, the odds for any betting market, limited betting markets, the maximum permissible wagering limit and profit limit, no bonuses, etc. The nation expects punters to adhere to stringent terms when placing wages, such as punters can only place wages with authorized or State-run sportsbooks. And if the government is looking to profit, punters can expect even lesser margins on bets made within Turkey.   

Rescuebet Features

Several key factors contributed towards Rescuebet featuring as Turkey’s best sports betting platform, such as: 

1. Multiple Sportsbooks

Turkish punters have access to multiple sportsbooks from a single system rather than access to only a single sportsbook that runs a monopoly on the country’s betting industry. With access to multiple sportsbooks, punters have several options and betting choices regarding remote football and sporting leagues in obscure betting markets. Moreover, if puters have access to more sportsbooks, it also incentives the sportsbooks to become more competitive, which is good news for punters as they gain better odds, better features, new facilities, and alternate betting services. 

2. Better Betting Odds 

Punters in Turkey have access to minimal odds based on what the State sportsbook issues. Most punters can’t take advantage of mispriced bets or compare odds between different sportsbooks to find a better deal. Most punters betting internationally can access value betting situations where punters can spot value in bets issued by different bookmakers. Punters have access to more than 6 other top Asian sportsbooks on Rescuebet, resulting in better Turkish punters’ profits.  

3. Access To Multiple Betting Markets

Betting markets within sporting events allow punters to wager on different betting markets for the same game. A single match or tournament could have up to 100 different types of betting markets with multiple odds. Some of the types of betting markets include accumulator bets, 1×2, over/under, first-half, full-time, correct score, moneylines, Asian handicap, corners, and more. Moreover, a punter has access to multiple odds on the same betting markets, with each sportsbook also offering different and unique betting markets. 

4. Bonuses And Promotions

Punters betting with Turkish sportsbooks don’t have access to bonuses and promotions because of their betting restrictions, and the State controls the industry. Turkish punters can expect some of the industry’s leading bonuses and promotions on the Rescuebet platform irrespective of the sportsbook they choose to wager with. Puters can claim daily bonuses, weekly bonuses, rebates, sign-up bonuses, free bets, etc. A punter looking to make a wager generally selects a sportsbook with more bonuses and promotions because these perks translate into higher profit in the long run. For example, punters who want to sign up with any sportsbook for the first time can claim a sign-up bonus of up to 100% of the amount wagered. 

5. Access To International Payment Facilities 

Turkish punters have access to sportsbooks on Rescuebet with the facility of international payments. Currently, Turkish punters have a very limited option for using domestic currencies when using international transactions. And even though the Turkish authorities allow the use of bitcoin, however, very few establishments accept bitcoin for goods or services. And it’s going to take some time before punters can make wagers using bitcoin to go mainstream. With Rescuebet, punters can use various internationally accepted payment methods, including bitcoin, to make legal wagers.  

6. Unique Betting Contents

Punters have access to a lot more on the Rescuebet platform, such as blog content, podcasts, tutorials, videos, forums, and more. The platform curates content for new punters, intermediate punters, and professional punters as well. Content is developed for punters based on betting regions, and punters in Turkey can access the Rescuebet platform in one of several preferred languages, including Turkish.

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